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PEEPING TRAIN November 2012 by pietrestan PEEPING TRAIN November 2012 by pietrestan
A composite poster of the first 5 window-pieces created for the public art-installation project PEEPING TRAIN, a collaboration between my wife & myself.

These large-scale 72" x 24" posters were a featured project for 3-art's "NOW.HERE.THIS" exhibit in 2012 (….

The posters were on display in Wicker Park, Chicago, in windows facing the DAMEN subway stop of the famed "EL" elevated train (Blue Line).
Kagehahen Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2014
I wish they'd done something like this for the T in Boston.  You and your wife did an awesome job on this.
pietrestan Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2014  Professional
Hey Kagehahen! Long time no see. Glad you dig it! Thank you for the kind words.

The project was my wife's idea actually, when we were apartment-hunting and riding the elevated subways all the time, noticing that it passed so close to people's windows -- much closer than even what I was used to growing up in NYC. And you know, I actually miss the T a bit -- reading the Metro every morning on the way to work, all that.
Kagehahen Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2014
You mean that moment suspended in time between periods of structured life?  Where anything could (and many times did) (or didn't) happen, and you could see or be anyone because image before strangers is such a malleable thing.  People could be like the flicker of imagination better than television...

Until one grabbed you in the ass.

And the weightless traveling through time ended when those doors opened you and ended up in the heavy press to the where-ever of work.

Just romanticized a little but - I miss it.  My dad worked the T so I had the unique opportunity of feeling safe and well guided on it so. Yeah.
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